Netties Italian Restaurant

New Jersey

“Cyberfire worked with all vendors (ISP, Toast POS) to design a new secure network for both the PCI devices, Customers and Business network." 

Atlas PWA Financial advisors
New Jersey

"Work on technology alignment, budget management and full FINRA compliance accross cloud platforms. Previously the former IT company had everything locked down from bios passwords, preboot passwords, passwords for passwords and all this did was slow down the day to day work for the staff. CyberFire comes from large enterprise security management. And we learned how to work with auditors, push back on out of scope items and allows users to maintain an high level of productivity while providing the necessary security controls."

New Jersey

"After suffering a tragic loss and gatekeeper to all the technology assets and vendors, CyberFire was brought in to assist with breaking into all platforms, and regain control of network devices, Wi-Fi, M365, and other services. They are now a MRC client where we have been reducing their IT budget, moving towards cloud and providing flexibility for staff."

American Alarm Arlington

"Assisted with aging, failing on premise Sharepoint system. CyberFire assisted several times with failed systems and emergency restores. We also advised on bring to latest version and identified issues with moving to cloud SharePoint based on current needs. finally, we migrate to an updated platform that is now stable."

Keanburg School System
New Jersey

"Assisted with large network assessment for new Director who didnt receive much information when he joined. Cyberfire helped scan, ID and document all systems and devices we found on the network and provided support information for all critical Cisco devices."

Edison NJ School System
New Jersey

"Provide large Cyber Security assessment, staff alignment and interviews with key leadership across the school system. to ID areas for improvement of Security controls to staffing per student levels. Edison prides itself on not only being one of the largest school systems in NJ, but as a technology leader for NJ schools."

TCIA Tree care industry of America
New Hampshire

"Cyberfire was brought in for a new office for 60+ employees, new Wi-Fi and Dual Firewalls. TCIA then requested for help to assess their primary Non profit ERP system IMIS which we did providing crucial information, gaps, and needs for each dept and how it aligns to the ERP modules. TCIA has since become a client 4 yrs ago and recently signed off on project to transform and migrate all on premise systems and domain to the cloud, we found savings in their budget to help provide a 1 yr ROI for the Cloud migration. We are also working to remove old IT roadblocks and provide a secure platform and powering users with knowledge on all the applications they have access to , how to find information and self help."

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