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"CyberFire was brought in to assist with breaking into all platforms and regaining control of network devices, Wi-Fi, M365, and other services.  We're now an MRC client where the team at CyberFire has been reducing our IT budget, moving towards the cloud, and providing flexibility for our staff."

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Recession proof IT support

Is inefficient IT draining your resources?

The journey of owning a business in today's digital landscape can feel like walking through a minefield. Costs are constantly climbing. The intricate web of tech requirements, from security protocols to software updates, is enough to keep anyone up at night.

Plus, the added pressure of a looming recession makes every decision critical. And if you've been considering an in-house IT department, the costs can be staggering. On average, hiring an IT professional can run you upwards of $85,000 annually. And that's just for one!

Factor in training, benefits, tools, and software, and the numbers keep climbing. On top of these costs, managing a team, ensuring they're up-to-date with the latest technologies, and handling inevitable turnover is challenging. Let’s paint a clearer picture, shall we?

In-house VS outsourcing

Outsourcing IT needs vs. Hiring in-house: A fact-based analysis

In-house VS outsourcing

Financial Investment


The median salary for an IT professional in the U.S. is approximately $88,000 as of 2021. Add to that benefits (which can amount to 30% of the base salary, or $26,400), equipment, and overhead costs and you’re already well over $100,000 for just one professional.For a team of 5, you’re already $500,000 in.



By contrast, the average monthly fee for managed IT services can range from $100 to $250 per user. For a company with 50 employees, even at the higher end, you're looking at an annual cost of $150,000 – and that covers an entire team of IT experts and their tools

The CyberFire difference...

Skill Diversification


Hiring an IT professional means you're getting the skills of that one individual. To cover a broad range of IT needs – from networking to cybersecurity to software support – would require hiring multiple specialists.



An outsourced IT team brings diverse expertise to the table. You’re gaining access to a variety of specialists for the price of one in-house employee.

The CyberFire difference...

Training & Development


Technology is ever-evolving. Keeping an in-house team updated requires continuous investment in training and certifications, which is both time-consuming and expensive.



IT firms inherently stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and threats, as their business model depends on it. Their staff is routinely trained, often without additional costs to their clients.

The CyberFire difference...

Operational Efficiency


In-house IT teams often get bogged down with daily operational tasks, leaving little time for strategic initiatives or innovations.



By leveraging an external team for routine and critical IT tasks, businesses can focus on strategy and growth, knowing their IT infrastructure is in expert hands.

The CyberFire difference...

Response Time and Availability


An in-house team has limited bandwidth and may not be available 24/7, especially during holidays or off-hours.



Many managed IT service providers offer 24/7 support, ensuring immediate response to emergencies anytime.

The CyberFire difference...

Cost Predictability


Unexpected IT challenges can lead to unforeseen costs, making budgeting unpredictable.



With managed services, businesses typically pay a fixed monthly fee, making IT costs predictable and more manageable.

In-house VS outsourcing

CyberFire IT: Turning Your IT Chaos Into Harmony

The spark for CyberFire IT Solutions ignited from frustration. Witnessing small businesses grappling with outdated services and technology was disheartening. It was common to stumble upon a 20-member team operating on home-version antivirus solutions, wide open to cyber threats.

In the corporate sector, advanced EDR was already a norm since 2014. Yet, many providers lagged a decade behind. The mission was clear: Introduce enterprise-grade technology and management styles to small businesses.

With a combined experience of nearly 100 years, CyberFire IT was not just a business but a promise. A commitment to shield businesses from the pitfalls of dated technology. A vow to offer meticulous oversight of large-scale operations to small and mid-sized ventures.

Our clients think we're awesome. Take a look...

“Suffered from slow network, dead spots for Wi-Fi so the wait staff couldn't take orders through the restaurant and outside seating. Cyberfire worked with all vendors (ISP, Toast POS) to design a new secure network for both the PCI devices, Customers and Business network.  then installed with new rack and removed all old wiring."

Netties Italian Restaurant

New Jersey

“After suffering a tragic loss and gatekeeper to all the technology assets and vendors, CyberFire was brought in to assist with breaking into all platforms, and regain control of network devices, Wi-Fi, M365, and other services.  They are now a MRC client where we have been reducing their IT budget, moving towards cloud and providing flexibility for staff!"


New Jersey

“Assisted with aging, failing on premise Sharepoint system.  CyberFire assisted several times with failed systems and emergency restores. We also advised on bring to latest version and identified issues with moving to cloud SharePoint based on current needs. finally, we migrate to an updated platform that is now stable."

American Alarm Arlington


“Assisted with large network assessment for new Director who didnt receive much information when he joined.  Cyberfire helped scan, ID and document all systems and devices we found on the network and provided support information for all critical Cisco devices."

Keanburg School System

New Jersey

There's a better way

IT support that facilitates your growth!

CyberFire IT isn’t just about managing IT; it’s about empowering businesses to thrive. With an arsenal of senior staff who handle projects with unparalleled expertise, we've seen the pitfalls businesses encounter and weaved success stories out of them.

We've assisted businesses in sectors as diverse as healthcare and manufacturing, ensuring they’re operational and (even more) optimized.

Our clients frequently highlight our personable approach; with CyberFire IT, you're not a number, but a partner. We understand the pressure of ensuring ROI on every investment. So, every recommendation every tweak we make is aimed at not only ensuring your IT setup is bulletproof but also making sure it contributes positively to your bottom line.

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There's a better way

Secure IT solutions to supercharge your business

Beyond IT – We manage expectations

Dive into a realm where IT isn’t just about bits and bytes but a harmonious blend of technology and business growth. At CyberFire IT, we harmonize technology with your business objectives, ensuring your IT landscape functions flawlessly and propels business innovation and differentiation. Say goodbye to outdated, siloed solutions and hello to holistic strategies that resonate with your company's ambitions.

Tomorrow’s cybersecurity, delivered today

In the dynamic theater of cyber warfare, resting on yesterday’s laurels is a surefire recipe for disaster. The nature of threats is ever-evolving, and at CyberFire IT, we believe in proactive defense. Our security framework incorporates cutting-edge threat intelligence and predictive analytics to identify and thwart potential attacks even before they strike. With us, you're always multiple steps ahead of the cyber adversaries.

Streamline operations with unified tools

Fragmented communication tools not only lead to operational inefficiencies but also hidden costs and vulnerabilities. We offer a synergized collaboration ecosystem, centralizing your tools and ensuring all systems communicate seamlessly. Through our integrative approach, witness substantial boosts in productivity, reduced miscommunication, and a tangible decrease in overheads.

Data management and storage

Amidst the flood of information, discerning the signal from the noise is an art and science. Our data management strategies aren’t just about storage; it's about turning raw data into actionable insights. We employ sophisticated tools, AI-driven algorithms, and deep analytics to help your business make data-backed decisions while ensuring your files are organized and easily accessible to those who should have access.

Bespoke IT solutions for unique business needs

No two businesses are alike. Recognizing this, we steer clear of generic solutions. Our team immerses themselves in understanding your industry, challenges, and growth aspirations. The result? Tailor-made IT strategies that resonate with your objectives, provide competitive advantages and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations.

A Support that has your back

In the digital realm, every second counts. Downtimes not only disrupt operations but erode trust and bottom lines. Our dedicated systems are up 24/7, with advanced diagnostic tools. No matter the hour or the challenge, we have our expert eyes on your IT environment. That’s why we can promise a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

IT Support Newton

World-Class Support vs. The Rest

While many IT providers might make grand promises, the true measure of excellence is consistently delivering world-class service. And this is where CyberFire IT soars above the competition.

Expertise Beyond Years

With close to a century's worth of combined experience, our team isn’t just seasoned – they’re honed to the finest edge of IT excellence.

Credentials that Speak

Harnessing the power of certifications like CISM and ITIL, we're not just following best practices, we're setting them.

High uptime, No stress

We boast a 99.999% uptime for critical systems, ensuring your business keeps running without missing a beat.

End redundant IT Costs

By eliminating the use of redundant applications, we not only streamline your operations but also save you money.

Senior Staff, Serious Results

We employ primarily senior staff for project oversight and critical system management. Experience that translates directly to results.

Bridging the Corporate-SMB Gap

Our team has deep roots in both the enterprise world and the startup ecosystem. We understand the unique challenges of both and tailor solutions accordingly.

Boutique Service, Big Returns

Our promise is two-fold: a boutique service that gives you undivided attention and solutions that offer clear ROI.

Nationwide Network, Local Focus

Though we have a national network of professionals, our primary focus remains on serving businesses in New England and Monmouth County, New Jersey. Local solutions with a national backup.

This isn't just about offering a service; it's about setting the gold standard in IT support. With CyberFire IT, you get a strategic partner dedicated to your business's growth and security.

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