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"CyberFire was brought in to assist with breaking into all platforms and regaining control of network devices, Wi-Fi, M365, and other services.  We're now an MRC client where the team at CyberFire has been reducing our IT budget, moving towards the cloud, and providing flexibility for our staff."

Revolutionize Your IT

Tired of Wrestling with Inept IT Support?

Does the phrase "unorganized chaos" ring a bell? Are you overburdened by the innumerable tech challenges that come up day after day? 

You're not alone. Many businesses are experiencing the exact same thing. Lacking the necessary staff or skill set, they're fighting against an ever-rising tide of technical issues. 

From managing security concerns to handling end-user support, the sheer volume of tasks can be overwhelming.

Perhaps you've hired an MSP before, hoping they would be the answer. Yet, they simply added to the confusion, leaving you uncertain about what you actually need. You might have wondered if you were overspending or if there were gaping holes in your IT infrastructure. 

Worse, your MSP may have left your company at the mercy of severe cybersecurity threats. This isn't what you signed up for. You wanted IT solutions, not more problems.

We don’t just talk IT, we do IT!


Streamlined operations
reducing helpdesk calls.


Empowered staff with better
applications and data organization.


Achieved higher uptime with
critical systems - 99.999%.


Discovered and eliminated
redundant applications saving costs.


Assembled an experienced team
with almost 100 years of combined IT experience.


Clients enjoy boutique service,
cost reduction, and a significant return on investment.


Fostered a management and
mentoring culture that benefits clients.


Proven track record in assisting businesses with Mergers and Acquisitions.

The CyberFire difference

CyberFire IT Solutions: Transforming Chaos into Harmony

Our founder always had an entrepreneurial spirit. But like many, he remained in the corporate world, often feeling stifled by micromanagement and bureaucratic red tape. Then something happened. He saw smaller businesses struggling with outdated services, and he knew he could do better.

He saw companies running on home-version antivirus solutions provided by their MSP. He saw patching schedules neglected and firewalls ignored. He saw data security gaps large enough to let any ransomware stroll right in. He saw IT providers five to ten years behind the curve, and he realized something had to change.

Armed with real-world enterprise experience, he founded CyberFire IT Solutions to bring the latest tech and management styles to smaller businesses. With a combined team experience of nearly a century, CyberFire aimed to give small and medium businesses the same level of service and security the big corporations enjoyed.

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You deserve better.



Are tired of their companies being treated poorly by IT providers who clearly no longer have the capacity to cope with their growing demands


Have a team of 20 - 100 staff (onsite and remote)


Have had it with constantly facing one IT issue or the other, without an apparent solution in view


Value speed, in-depth expertise, and the possibility of avoiding IT issues all together and getting assistance immediately

If you meet these four (4) criteria, what you are about to look at could radically change your business

Our clients think we're awesome. Take a look...

“Suffered from slow network, dead spots for Wi-Fi so the wait staff couldn't take orders through the restaurant and outside seating. Cyberfire worked with all vendors (ISP, Toast POS) to design a new secure network for both the PCI devices, Customers and Business network.  then installed with new rack and removed all old wiring."

Netties Italian Restaurant

New Jersey

“After suffering a tragic loss and gatekeeper to all the technology assets and vendors, CyberFire was brought in to assist with breaking into all platforms, and regain control of network devices, Wi-Fi, M365, and other services.  They are now a MRC client where we have been reducing their IT budget, moving towards cloud and providing flexibility for staff!"


New Jersey

“Assisted with aging, failing on premise Sharepoint system.  CyberFire assisted several times with failed systems and emergency restores. We also advised on bring to latest version and identified issues with moving to cloud SharePoint based on current needs. finally, we migrate to an updated platform that is now stable."

American Alarm Arlington


“Assisted with large network assessment for new Director who didnt receive much information when he joined.  Cyberfire helped scan, ID and document all systems and devices we found on the network and provided support information for all critical Cisco devices."

Keanburg School System

New Jersey

The CyberFire difference

Take Back Your Peace of Mind

At CyberFire IT Solutions, we understand the frustrations you face. We've seen it all too often: businesses paralyzed by the complexities of IT, wasting precious time and resources on inefficient systems. That's why we're here to provide a solution.

When you work with us, you're not just another customer number. You're part of the family. We pride ourselves on our personal connections and our real-world knowledge of security, controls, and needs. We don't just manage your IT; we guide you, mentor you, and help you make the most of your technology.

Just ask our clients. They'll tell you how we've reduced helpdesk calls and found cost savings. They'll talk about our proactive approach, our attention to detail, and our incredible response times. But more importantly, they'll tell you how we've helped them grow.

So why not let us do the same for you?

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The CyberFire difference...

Experience the Power of Customized IT Solutions


Strategic Consulting: "Future-Proof

In the rapidly changing world of IT, it's easy for businesses to fall behind and become overwhelmed. Our Strategic Consulting service helps you stay ahead of the curve. We work with you to understand your business's specific needs and long-term goals. Then, we use our vast industry knowledge and experience to develop a comprehensive IT strategy that not only meets your needs today but also prepares you for the future. This involves everything from identifying the best hardware and software for your company, designing IT infrastructures, evaluating your cybersecurity posture, to planning for business continuity.


Managed IT Services: "Hassle-Free IT"

Managing your IT internally can be a daunting and resource-intensive task, especially for SMEs. That's where our Managed IT Services come in. We take on all the responsibilities of an in-house IT department, handling your day-to-day IT operations. This includes monitoring and maintaining your systems, providing end-user support, managing your network and servers, and more. We ensure that your IT is not just maintained, but optimized for your business needs. You get the benefit of a dedicated IT team without the overhead costs.


Cybersecurity Services: "Guardian Shield"

Cyber threats are growing more sophisticated every day, and a single security breach can be devastating for a business. Our Cybersecurity Services are designed to protect your business from all cyber threats. We use cutting-edge security technology and best practices to safeguard your systems and data. We also provide regular training and updates to your team to help them recognize and avoid potential threats. Plus, we continuously monitor your systems for any signs of a breach and respond swiftly to mitigate any damage.


Cloud Services: "Sky-High Efficiency"

Cloud technology can offer significant benefits to businesses, including cost savings, scalability, and remote accessibility. However, moving your operations to the cloud can be a complex process. Our Cloud Services are here to make that process smooth and stress-free. We help you choose the right cloud solutions for your business, handle the migration of your data and applications, and manage your cloud infrastructure. Whether you're transitioning to the cloud for the first time or optimizing your existing cloud setup, we've got you covered.


Backup and Disaster Recovery:
"Safety Net"

In the event of a disaster – whether it's a cyberattack, a hardware failure, or a natural catastrophe – it's crucial to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. That's why we provide comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery services. We ensure your data is regularly backed up and securely stored. Moreover, we devise a disaster recovery plan that details the steps to restore your systems and retrieve your data in the quickest time possible, minimizing any disruption to your business.


Compliance Assistance: "Guided Path"

Navigating the maze of regulatory compliance can be challenging, but non-compliance can lead to heavy fines and damage your reputation. Our Compliance Assistance service provides guidance and support to help you meet your regulatory obligations. We conduct regular audits to ensure your IT practices comply with relevant standards and regulations. We also assist with documentation and reporting requirements, making it easier for you to demonstrate your compliance to auditors and stakeholders.

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Upon your approval, you pass us the keys and go through our seamless onboarding process

We make you IT environment work like a well-oiled machine

You experience "the best IT support you have ever had"

We impress you month after month, to keep the partnership thriving

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Ready to End Your IT Nightmares?

We understand how critical it is to have a well-managed IT system that works for you, not against you. That's why we're offering a risk-free, no-strings-attached strategy session with our experts. We'll listen to your concerns, analyze your current situation, and suggest practical solutions tailored to your business. It's your chance to experience firsthand how CyberFire IT Solutions can turn your IT chaos into harmony. Let's take the first step toward a more efficient, secure, and productive IT environment.

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