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New Jersey

"CyberFire was brought in to assist with breaking into all platforms and regaining control of network devices, Wi-Fi, M365, and other services.  We're now an MRC client where the team at CyberFire has been reducing our IT budget, moving towards the cloud, and providing flexibility for our staff."

Metrics that define our success

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional IT services on a budget, ensuring your business experiences 99.999% uptime, reduced helpdesk calls, worry-free cybersecurity, and up to 45% cost savings on hidden charges.

100+ years of combined experience

Leverage our immense expertise for your IT solutions.

99.999% uptime

A virtually uninterrupted workflow because we know every second counts.

Up to 45% cost savings

No hidden charges, just pure value for your investment.

Reduced IT helpdesk calls

Your systems run so smoothly that you'll barely need to call us.

Needham in Massachusetts
IT Support Waltham

Why Waltham, MA is where your next technician is

Flanked by academic excellence like MIT and Harvard, Waltham thrives on a culture that fuels ingenuity. Here, tech startups coexist with established giants, making it a breeding ground for cutting-edge IT solutions. Yet, businesses here often grapple with complex IT challenges, from cybersecurity threats to inefficiencies in IT infrastructure. That’s why our team is committed to offering superior IT support in Waltham, solving real-world problems with high-end, tailored IT solutions.

IT Support Waltham

Top-notch help desk to the rescue!

In a digital landscape that's continually evolving, you don't just need IT services; you need IT support in Waltham that is robust, reliable, and downright revolutionary. Here's why choosing our team isn't just a good idea—it's a game-changer for your business.

Experience the 99.999% difference

Uptime matters. With our staggering 99.999% uptime, say goodbye to the days of unexpected outages and hello to relentless productivity. Your business doesn't have time for downtime, and neither do we. Help your company by improving your IT with a robust network! 

Almost 100 years of collective expertise

Experience counts in IT, and we bring almost a century's worth of it to the table. We're not just a group of techies who solve computer problems; we're your strategic partners in delivering top-tier services that elevate your operations.

Fit-for-you IT solutions

Bespoke isn't just for suits. We dive deep to understand your unique needs and build solutions that fit like a glove. Tailor-made tech solutions ensure you're not paying for things you don't need.

ROI that will make you smile

The bottom lines love us. Not only do we provide high-value solutions that offer optimal ROI, but we also unveil up to 45% cost savings on hidden charges. In essence, we're the thrift shop for all your IT needs; only we sell quality, not compromise.

Keeping IT worries at bay

Ever heard of IT that fixes itself before it breaks? Welcome to the world of our proactive maintenance and monitoring. We're like the Sherlock Holmes of IT, always one step ahead in identifying and resolving issues.

Unmatched flexibility with cloud solutions

Embrace the cloud and set your business free. Our cloud solutions not only offer unmatched scalability but also open up new avenues for collaboration and innovation. When we say the sky's the limit, our network experts mean it!

IT Support Waltham

Technical support made easy... just for you

If you thought we were all about reliability and customized solutions, hold onto your seat. Our company brings an arsenal of phenomenal features and technology consulting to elevate your business cloud-based IT game. Here's what sets us apart from the rest.

Your business calls, but better

Switch to our business VoIP solutions, and you'll never look at business calls the same way again. Our services help achieve seamless communication, advanced call routing, and customizability to redefine your corporate communications landscape.

Data resilience to rely on

Think of our data backup and recovery services as your business's safety net. Accidents happen, but with us, your data doesn’t just survive; it thrives. Get back on your feet without missing a beat with our network management! 

Google Workspace genius

Our experienced support team takes Google Workspace asset management to the next level. Collaborate, innovate, and orchestrate your projects with the ease and security you've only dreamed of.

Privileged access management perfected

Who goes there? With our privileged access management, you’ll always know. Control and monitor user access with an iron grip, ensuring that only the right people have the right access.

Step into the future with AI-managed services

Embrace the next generation of tech. Our AI-managed services offer intelligent solutions to complex business problems and achieve your business goals. Think of it as adding a rocket engine to your already fast-moving business.

FINRA cybersecurity expertise

Regulatory compliance doesn't have to be a headache. We're masters of FINRA cybersecurity, ensuring that you configure the complex world of financial regulations with ease and assurance.

IT Support Waltham

Best IT support in Waltham, MA | Over 100 years of combined experience

Our team of certified pros is committed to erasing your tech headaches and looking beyond. By partnering with us, you can rest easy knowing that your IT is in the hands of experts with high skill sets.

Support jobs in Needham for small business

Managed IT services in Waltham

Managed IT services are the captain of your ship. At CyberFire IT, we offer tailor-made plans so you can relax and focus on what you do best. With nearly 100 years of combined industry experience, we've got the wheel.

Proactive maintenance in Waltham

Think of our proactive maintenance service as your company's guardian angel. We keep your system health in check, fix issues before they escalate, and basically make IT headaches a thing of the past.

Cybersecurity risk management in Waltham

With us, you're not just building walls; you're creating a fortress. Our cybersecurity risk management ensures multi-layered security protocols to keep threats at bay. We'll protect your kingdom like it's our own.

Virtual CIO services in Waltham

With virtual CIO services, we’re not just filling in; we're strategizing. We provide expert advice and actionable insights to help you paint your IT masterpiece.

Business technology alignment in Waltham

This isn't just about IT; it's about making sure your IT aligns with your business vision. Our team crafts a symphony where your technology and business plans flow in perfect harmony.

Email security in Waltham

Email is often the gateway for unwanted guests. Our email security service is your sentinel, scanning each email that will try to enter and keeping suspicious ones at bay.

IT hardware maintenance in Waltham

Think of this as your hardware’s spa day. Regular maintenance, diagnostics, and pampering ensure your hardware performs at its peak, all under our team's watchful eye.

Endpoint detection & response in Waltham

In the unlikely event that threats bypass other defenses, our endpoint detection and response act as your final guard, identifying and neutralizing them with swift precision.

IT budget planning in Waltham

We make every dollar count. Our IT budget planning service optimizes your expenditure, ensuring you get premium IT solutions without breaking the bank.

Network threat prevention in Waltham

Your network is your business’s lifeblood. Our network threat prevention service acts like a white blood cell, always on high alert to fend off intruders.

Cloud migration in Waltham

Ready for a new perspective? With us, cloud migration isn't just about data transfer; it's an elevation to a higher plane of efficiency and performance.

IT project planning in Waltham

From conception to completion, our IT project planning service is a master architect for your IT dreams. Precise timelines, efficient execution, and strategic planning make your projects soar.


No industry is left behind by our help desk support

Our tailored managed IT support in Waltham, and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions are just what your business needs to skyrocket. No industry is too niche for us to handle!

 Trusted IT Solutions Provider in Massachusetts
IT Support Waltham

Desktop support? More like a support specialist!

Thinking of partnering with us? Expect more than just exceptional IT service. Experience a blend of defense-crusading and respectful collaboration with tailored solutions designed just for you. Our hands-on IT support in Waltham assures 99.999% uptime, robust status monitoring, and cloud solutions that amplify your efficiency and cost-effectiveness. All are designed to give small to mid-sized businesses a competitive edge that's second to none.

CyberFire IT Solutions

The CyberFire IT seal of trust

 Trusted IT Solutions Provider in Massachusetts
CyberFire IT Solutions

Awards and recognitions: A wall of excellence

Our service excellence doesn't just speak for itself—it shouts! With multiple industry awards and recognitions under our belt, you're not just hiring an MSP; you're aligning with an industry leader who sets benchmarks in proactive maintenance, cybersecurity and tailored IT solutions.


Leading institutions and organizations near us

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Located in nearby Lexington, this R&D center focuses on advanced technology to meet national security needs.


Less than 10 miles away in Cambridge, Merative exemplifies AI's impact on healthcare.

Constant Contact

Headquartered near our Waltham office, this firm specializes in online marketing tools for small businesses.


What our clients are saying

“Suffered from slow network, dead spots for Wi-Fi so the wait staff couldn't take orders through the restaurant and outside seating. Cyberfire worked with all vendors (ISP, Toast POS) to design a new secure network for both the PCI devices, Customers and Business network.  then installed with new rack and removed all old wiring."

Netties Italian Restaurant

New Jersey

“After suffering a tragic loss and gatekeeper to all the technology assets and vendors, CyberFire was brought in to assist with breaking into all platforms, and regain control of network devices, Wi-Fi, M365, and other services.  They are now a MRC client where we have been reducing their IT budget, moving towards cloud and providing flexibility for staff!"


New Jersey

“Assisted with aging, failing on premise Sharepoint system.  CyberFire assisted several times with failed systems and emergency restores. We also advised on bring to latest version and identified issues with moving to cloud SharePoint based on current needs. finally, we migrate to an updated platform that is now stable."

American Alarm Arlington


“Assisted with large network assessment for new Director who didnt receive much information when he joined.  Cyberfire helped scan, ID and document all systems and devices we found on the network and provided support information for all critical Cisco devices."

Keanburg School System

New Jersey

CyberFire IT Solutions

Your peace of mind, our guarantee

We're not just confident in our services; we guarantee your satisfaction. With our peace of mind guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that we stand behind our promise of delivering tailored, high-quality IT solutions.

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IT Support Waltham

Resourceful links for the business-savvy


The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council is perfect for business owners looking for networking and educational opportunities related to technology.

Waltham Chamber of Commerce

A hub for local businesses in the area that provides useful resources and events for entrepreneurs.

Green Citizen

Concerned about responsible e-waste disposal? Green Citizen in nearby Boston offers recycling services for all types of electronic waste.

IT Support Needham
CyberFire IT Solutions

Giving back: Recycling & charity initiatives

We are committed to making a difference. Apart from our technical prowess, our sense of community involvement includes donations to Tunnel to Towers and Wounded Warrior to support veterans and first responders. Plus, we're eco-conscious! Partner with us and be part of our e-waste recycling initiatives that contribute to a greener planet.

the best way to find your dream job with us
CyberFire IT Solutions

Join our information technology team!

Looking for support jobs in Waltham? Our support company offers not just a job but a journey in professional growth and community involvement.

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IT Support Waltham

Ready for worry-free remote support? Take the next step!

Why settle for less when you can have the best? Experience unmatched IT support for your business. Don't miss out—fill out our form now!

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Don't wait; elevate your business today!

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and your business can't afford to be left behind. We have the expertise to propel you ahead of the curve. Waiting means missing out on the advantages that could define your business's future. Contact us at 617-465-2541 or message us at for a consultation that could revolutionize your IT support in Waltham.

Frequently asked questions

How can I outsource my technology needs to improve my business operations?

We offer comprehensive tech support services that can cover all your technology needs. Our support team, consisting of support engineers, analysts, and desktop support technicians, will help co-manage your IT infrastructure to maximize efficiency.

What does a support engineer specifically do?

A support engineer works onsite or remotely to troubleshoot and maintain your IT systems. They play a critical role in network support and ensure that your business operations are up and running smoothly. Our engineers are proficient in network security and disaster recovery planning.

What are the roles of an analyst in your support service?

An analyst monitors system performance and helps make data-driven decisions. They work closely with our desktop support technicians and support professionals to offer complete computer support. They are pivotal in services like disaster recovery and network security analysis.

Can a desktop support technician help me with end-user support?

Absolutely, a desktop support technician can offer both onsite and remote support services. They primarily focus on issues related to end-user computing, like the operating system and software troubleshooting. They are a key part of our support services in Waltham.

What options do I have for outsourced IT support?

Our outsourced IT support in Waltham can provide comprehensive business IT support, ranging from tech support in Waltham to remote support services. Whether you're near Waltham or in Boston, our IT support has you covered.

What is the role of a help desk analyst?

A help desk analyst is responsible for the information systems and provides initial support help to the end-users. They aim for optimal response time and direct more complex issues to the relevant support professionals, such as support engineers or desktop support technicians.

How can user support benefit my company’s technology needs?

User support is essential for any business to function smoothly. Our service desk provides immediate assistance to your end-users, thus saving time and resources that they can use to focus on core tasks.

Help with scaling

Ready to End Your IT Nightmares?

We understand how critical it is to have a well-managed IT system that works for you, not against you. That's why we're offering a risk-free, no-strings-attached strategy session with our experts. We'll listen to your concerns, analyze your current situation, and suggest practical solutions tailored to your business. It's your chance to experience firsthand how CyberFire IT Solutions can turn your IT chaos into harmony. Let's take the first step toward a more efficient, secure, and productive IT environment.

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